Auto Tune Up Service

Parkland, WA

Kevin's Auto Repair is the best place to get your auto tune up service done at. We will make sure that your car leaves the shop with a smooth idle. We will make sure that it is getting the full miles per gallon that it is capable of receiving. We will make sure that the car starts up smoothly.

In Parkland, Washington you want to come to Kevin's Auto Repair. We do regular car maintenance among larger projects. This includes transmission shop services. We are capable of inspecting your transmission and diagnosing what is wrong with it. We can then discuss the situation with you and decide how we will proceed forward. The car's transmission is super important which is why we urge you to routinely get it checked out. This is an area you don't want to ignore because before you know it, it won't be running anymore. That's how important they are. Automatic transmissions in general need more attention than manual transmissions.

Aside from the auto tune up service and transmission shop services, you want to get your suspension inspected. There are fewer things that can go wrong in the suspension area, so frequent inspections are not needed. When you hear squeaks or when your car feels bouncy this is a good time to look at. The suspension mainly includes springs and shocks. Or on some cars it's springs and struts. Then you have sway bars and control arms. There are usually two sway bars and quite a few control arms depending on your suspension design. You maybe even have suspension links and trailing arms.

We hope that you take your car maintenance seriously because we know how serious it can get. We also know how dramatically the prices can change when caution is thrown to the wind. Kevin's Auto Repair is here to help.