Brake Shop

University Place, WA

Brakes are extremely important to any road going car. If the car has a gas pedal then it needs to have a fully functioning brake pedal. Kevin's Auto Repair shop specializes in brake repairs and maintenance.

We can do the little jobs that include visual inspections to the large jobs that include brake caliper replacements. Kevin's Auto Repair shop is your brake shop.

The brake system on your car has many working components. The major components include calipers, pads, rotors, and the fluid. Everything has to done right. If you replace your brake pads but don't replace or resurface your rotors then you will likely wear out your new pads prematurely. It is important that your mechanic pays close attention to this. It is also important that you replace your brake fluid every so often because the fluid can get used and old. The fluid's strength is especially important under hard constant braking conditions.

Brake pads are also an important item to keep your eye on. If you let them wear out too badly then they will begin to squeak. If you continue to neglect their replacement then you run the risk of totally wearing out the brake pad. This will then turn into a metal grinding noise every time you use your brakes. This is bad because it is literally metal against metal when your brake pad material wears out. This is very bad news because this will destroy your rotors and require you to purchase replacements.

If you are located in University Place, Washington come by to Kevin's Auto Repair. We can fully inspect your brakes and make sure that everything is in full working order. Aside from inspecting your brakes we can check any other part of your car that you believe needs checking. A healthy car doesn't happen on its own. It takes special care and attention to achieve.