Oil Change Services

Spanaway, WA

When it comes to oil change services there is only one auto repair shop that you need to remember and that is Kevin's Auto Repair. We are honest and hardworking.

We know the importance of a quality oil change. We won't do a poor job. We use the correct oil weight according to your car's specific owner's manual. Every car comes with an owner's manual. We use high quality oil filters as well. We make sure that your new oil level is perfect according to the dip stick reading. We also make sure that your car has zero engine oil leaks. If we notice that your drain bolt, oil pan or other gasket is leaking then we will inform you and let you make the decision of your choice. A lot of oil leaks can be fixed with simple solutions. The simplest solution being, installing a new drain plug gasket on the oil pan drain plug. Another easy one is installing a new oil pan gasket.

When it comes to oil choices we know that things can get a little confusing for the person who is not that informed about their car's mechanics. This is why we choose the best solution for you. You have the option of using regular engine oil or opting to use full synthetic engine oil. After we complete your oil change we make sure to dispose of your oil properly. We do this so that we don't harm the environment while doing our job. We also don't want to violate any Washington laws.

If you are located in Spanaway, Washington please stop by our shop to see what we can do to help you. We take pride in offering regular oil change services. This allows us to build personal relationships with our customers because of how often we see each other. Ask about our transmission shop services and any other auto repair service.